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Monday, July 30, 2012

From One Rite to the Next : Jane speaks at The Home Birth Conference

F r o m   O n e  R i t e  t o  t h e  N e x t

the influence of & connection between menarche and childbirth 

The Connection between a woman's experience of menarche and therefore what she takes with her to her experience of childbirth is not often taken into account.
The opportunity and potential healing and transformation, once this is known, can enhance the attention to her life journey, as  a whole rather than simply her experience of childbirth.

This perspective also enables a deeper understanding for when a rite may feel like a 'wrong'

So often childbirth is seen as an isolated incident in a woman's life, however is we take the whole woman into account, more individual care with her specific healing requirements and the transformational possibilities for her can be taken into account.

Jane Hardwicke Collings
Independent Midwife
more on Jane's work here . . . 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Home Birth Conference 2012

This time next week, I will be preparing for my journey to Hobart for the 28th Home Birth Conference

The first Homebirth Conference I went to was at the Blue Mountains in 1984,  it was the fifth in Australia, and there were 350 people there!

It was where Homebirth Australia was born. I was 26, a student midwife at a big Sydney hospital, completely shocked by what was going on in the maternity ward, seeking something other. 

And I sure found it! 

There was a tribe of women, so conscious of the long lasting effects of birth and the value and importance of women giving birth in their own homes. My eyes were opened. 

I went to that conference with my dear friend Shea Caplice, she had just started working as a graduate midwife at Manly hospital and was about to start an apprenticeship with Maggie Lecky Thompson. 

When I finished my hospital midwifery training I too went on to do an apprenticeship with Maggie and then started my own practice in 1985.

And here I am attending a Home Birth, with my own home born baby on my back looking on. This year he turns 20!

Ive been to many of the Homebirth conferences over the years and absolutely love them. 

At this years Conference, I will be speaking on: 
'From One Rite to the Next: the influence of and connection between Menarche & Childbirth'

And this year, for the second time,  The School of Shamanic Midwifery has been given the role of conducting the Closing Ceremony, which we love to do.

"healing one Mother is healing our Earth"  
Birthkeeper, Jeannine Parvati Baker 

For More information on the Home Birth Conference go here . . . .