The great secrets and teachings of the 'Women's Mysteries' - the wisdom of the cycles of the Earth, the Moon, our lives and the menstrual cycle; how to live according to the seasons, the moon phases and your menstrual cycle; understanding and flowing with the transformational potential of the menstrual cycle, of pregnancy and of birth. Connecting with the Divine Feminine and the shamanic journey of the feminine cycle - menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

“Pregnancy – The Inner Journey”

b i r t h i s a s a c r e d a c t
"an experience that has far reaching consequences and effects on the newborn, the Mother and the whole family. Birth is a rite of passage and by its very nature it provides the way in for a woman to know her inner strength and inner knowing - vital ingredients for mothering.
Mothers are gifted through birth not only with their beautiful babies but with a new look at their Divine selves. Birth teaches us where we are at with the fundamentals of life such as surrender, letting go and trust. The best preparation for birth is a conscious pregnancy, spending time contemplating and updating your inner beliefs and attitudes, and connecting with your baby inside you, hearing the voices feeling the feelings, seeing the visions, all the while developing your natural mothering essence." JHC


Wednesday March 28th – Friday March 30th 2012
9:30am – 5pm daily
Fully catered, non-residential $450

Wednesday April 18th – Friday April 20th 2012
9:30am – 5pm daily
Fully catered, non-residential $550

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