The great secrets and teachings of the 'Women's Mysteries' - the wisdom of the cycles of the Earth, the Moon, our lives and the menstrual cycle; how to live according to the seasons, the moon phases and your menstrual cycle; understanding and flowing with the transformational potential of the menstrual cycle, of pregnancy and of birth. Connecting with the Divine Feminine and the shamanic journey of the feminine cycle - menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Moonsong - Re-Membering Ourselves

The Moonsong workshop is often a time when everything comes together and makes some sense. The influence our rite of passage into womanhood, our menarche (first blood), has had on our development into womanhood is often a missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle of our lives. So much of the journey is reclaiming the feminine power that was missed, taken away, not claimed and not even known during our experiences of menstruation, childbirth and menopause. During November, two Moonsong workshops were held, one in NSW, one in Victoria, and through the women who came more healing has occurred, more reclaiming has happened and the word will be spread.

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(front left to right) Sally, Judy, Julia Rose, (back left to right) Sharon, Lizzy and Delphi, Bronte, Hazel, Leia

(front left to right) Alyce, Natasha, Charlotte, Melody, Heather. (back left to right) Renae, Peta, Liz, Stephanie, Jane

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