The great secrets and teachings of the 'Women's Mysteries' - the wisdom of the cycles of the Earth, the Moon, our lives and the menstrual cycle; how to live according to the seasons, the moon phases and your menstrual cycle; understanding and flowing with the transformational potential of the menstrual cycle, of pregnancy and of birth. Connecting with the Divine Feminine and the shamanic journey of the feminine cycle - menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Maidens and Mothers Moonsong Tasmania July 2010

The Maidens and Mothers I met with last year gathered again. Twas a lovely reunion, 2 of the maidens had reached menarche during the year and they shared their experience. Such a blessed opportunity to hold such preciousness with the honour it so truly deserves.
Drawing pictures of their inner journey

The next day a group of 10 mothers and maidens gathered for an introduction to the menstrual cycle. The mothers all shared what they had been told before they started their cycle, what they'd learned through their years of menstruation and what they wish they'd been told as young girls. The gathering helped to demystify the menstrual cycle for the girls, introducing the opportunity inherent in the cycle for renewal on the physical, emotional and spiritual planes and provided some healing and insights for their mothers.

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