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Thursday, November 5, 2009

EarthDance Beltane Camp Oct 2009

Our community celebrated and honoured the seasonal sabbat of Beltane with a combination of ceremony, play, fun, learning and ancient rituals. We practiced chi exercises, geomancy, held rites of passage for 3 teenagers and wove a May Pole.

We call it a Moe pole now, since we do it in Movember. It was an especially beautiful Moe Pole this year, we'd protected ourselves from the rain by calling a dome of cover above us and sang Joy Joy Jooooyyyy as we wove the ribbons in an ancient ritual symbolizing the coming together of the masculine and the feminine, weaving our prayers and intentions into a beautifully wrapped rod of power connecting heaven and earth. A site to behold. As the dance finished a giant raven flew low over our heads around the whole circle.

The boys rite of passage, Secret Men's Business, culminated in the two boys painted up with ochre returning to the camp fire at dusk, holding blazing flares on high to light the Beltane fire. The women, girls and younger children dancing around the ring calling them in. Rich with symbolism our rituals express the Beltane energy.

The women held a Menarche ceremony, welcoming a new sister to womanhood. A beautiful sacred circle, all the women dressed in red, lavishing the maiden with wisdom, love and presents.

We closed the gathering, opened the circle, feeling such gratitude for how blessed we are to do this.

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